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Students of All, Off the Rails

King of Draconis


My question is this: If an Academic in Sandeep's crew activates and wants to make an action, namely the Off the Rails of the Metal Golem, which model moves?
The Academic or the Golem?
If the Academic, then where will those enemies be placed that fail the duel? In base contact with the Academic or in base contact with the Golem?

In the meantime I fiured it out. The Golem takes the action, so definitely it's the one that moves, as it states 'Push this model...'

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In the meantime I fiured it out
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You should be a little more specific when you ask a question, since could be difficult to answer if you don't provide precise informations about what you're asking for... However....

I guess you're speaking about the ability "Students of all" on Sandeep2 card, that states: <<After a friendly Academic activates, it may discard a card to have another friendly Elemental within :aura6 of it take a non-:ToS-Fast: Action, drawing LoS and range from that Academic. Models cannot take Actiins this way more than Once per Turn.>>

I put in bold the part that says that is the Elemental model that take the action, not the Academic one. So in your example about the action "Off the Rails" it's the Metal Golem that moves because is the model that's taking the action. The part about measuring range/los from the academic is relevant only if the action you're going to take requires those (for example an attack action).

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