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Ghost Stories 2023 Winners Announcement!

Hobby Wyrd

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Well, Wyrdos the votes are in!

We'd like to take a moment and thank all of our tremendously talented participants! From veteran participants whom we watch grow in talent to newcomers excited to share their work for the first time, we're constantly amazed at the creativity and skill of our community members! I've got to personally say so many of the entries were simply spook-tacular and so well done!

In the Singles Category, we have:
1st- @Hawkoon with "Kinderbaum"
2nd- @Caedruswith "Headless Candy"
3rd @kangram with "Brocken Spectre"



In the Diorama/Vignette Category, we have:
1st - @Enigma with "Rat Tale"
2nd- @Jordi Serra with "Bandersnatch Miner"
3rd- @JordiFort with "On a Storyteller's Night"

The Best of Ghost Stories 2023 (Staff Vote)
@Jordi Serra with "Bandersnatch Miner"
Best of Wyrd (Staff Vote)
@Hawkoon with "Kinderbaum"

Again thanks to everyone who submitted and voted! Badges and messages for prizes will be sorted today so keep an eye out!

Note: The results placing results do not match in some cases due to entry disqualification and /or vote disqualification.

  • Please read this notice regarding the painting competition rules. This will remain a Living Thread with helpful reminders and updates as needed!
  • As a reminder, all 3 votes must be used or your votes will not count in the poll. Plus it makes the Hobby Goblin have to re-tally by hand and that makes her hangry.
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Thank you, Wyrd, for a wonderful contest and the inspiration you always fill it with! Thank you to all the participants, you are great! So many wonderful pieces! Especially the Miner! This is a SUPER idea and realization! I also really liked Vagrantsong 🙃👍

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