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Product idea: Cardboard tokens

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Sadly some of the local players left Malifaux for various reasons. They have now picked up Bushido, which looks quite interesting.
While I don't need another miniature game in my life at the moment, I did spot something quite clever.
The company behind the game sell sets with cardboard tokens!
Yes, there are fancy acrylic and 3D printed versions out there.
But cardboard is cheap, and you can put nice pictures on it 😃

Immediately my mind went to Malifaux. I think this would be a great product.


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I make my own to help demo the game to folks.  Or rather i make cardstock standees.  For demos and trying out new crews. Cause the initial investment in the miniatures is an impediment for some to even try the game. Would love it if there were official pro manufactured versions.  Like the "pathfinder pawns" sets.  I'd buy those fo sho.

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