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Faux-gust @Imps Gaming - 05/08/23

Ellie Middleton

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Hey all,

After the success of my first tournament I am running another on the 5th of August. This is a ranked fixed faction 50 SS 3 round tournament with space for 28 people. Full details for the event can be found in the attached event pack. 

Tickets be purchased from the following link:


1. Symon Gray - Paid

2. John Donaldson - Paid

3. Mal Fortescue - Paid

4. Chris Donaldson - Paid

5. Ben Halford - Paid

6. Ben Harris - Paid

7. Greg Packman- Paid

8. Robin Sparks - Paid








Faux-gust Tournament Pack.pdf

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4 hours ago, PanzerHarris said:

Quick one - John Donaldson actually bought 4 tickets. Could you double check please?

They're for:

John Donaldson 

Chris Donaldson 

Ben Halford 

Ben Harris 

Hi, thanks for the note. I hadn’t reviewed all the orders yet so far so had missed that. I can confirm I have 4 tickets for John. I’ve updated the list 

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