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How does hepatomancy work


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In short, it allows you to look at the top 2 cards of one of the decks, and discard any number of the cards you look at ( but you can't discard a joker). 

So you can look at the opponents deck and discard the high cards they have and keep the low cards. 

If its your deck,you get to arrange to either use one of the 2 cards you look at, or if neither are any good you get to get rid of them and use a 3rd card.

This can be done once every activation, so you can do it when you attack and when you are attacked. 

All you need to do this is to discard a rune token. Which are created when ever a savage model within 10 inches and line of sight suffers damage. This would include when they choose to use the old ways, as well as when they are hit by an enemy.  They are also generated by his melee attack.

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