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Into the Dojo : Part 12 - Honeypot vs. Ancestors


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Yan Lo was trying to meditate, walk the spirit, as some might say, when suddenly loud noises emerge from the apartment above. Heavy beats to music with no melody.

He slowly rose, took a sniff, then said : “Junkies… Here goes the neighbourhood.”



Hungering Darkness + Darkest Bet + 4 stones

Kitty Dumont


2 Illuminated

Mr. Tannen

Lone Samurai




Yan Lo + Soul Porter + 4 Stones


Yin the Penangalan - Silent Protector

2 Kabuki Warriors

Sun Quiang - Silent Protector



Kitty opened the ball sparkling brilliance on the tight group of junkies and pushing Gwyneth to the front, but in that overextended herself and got Lured by a Kabuki warrior to taste his no-dachi. Tannen sped to the front, trying to calm the angry ancestors down, distracting the vsmpire Yin from eating her. Lynch got up called her back into safety, and Gwyneth took her place woving to hold them dpwn, as the illuminated started puking scintillating clouds. Meanwhile thevother Kabuki and the lone swordsman moved towards each other on the other flank.



Tempers got hot, and Tannen moved to talk some sense into the old folks leader giving him a headache. While Kitty took a beating from Yin and the one Kabuki warrior, but as the scintillating clouds burst, it seemed impossible to finish the job, she just wouldn’t stay down. In turn she could do nothing vs. The healing powers of Sun Quiang. Yan fled the boring conversation, but was soon accosted by the Darkest Bet and Huggy, and as he couldn’t get far enough away from Tannen, his activation was completely wasted. And then the murders started…

Manos sped in and skewered Tannen with a red joker damage, Kitty slapped a weakened Kabuki to death, and on the other flank The Lone Swordsman joined the fray, reducing the other Kabuki to one health with a single blow. Both sides were now depleted of soulstones.

SCORE : Honeypot 3 (Strat, Vendetta Swordsvan vs Kabuki and Hidden Martyr Tannen) vs Ancestors 0



The Lone Swordsman drew his last breath then stabbed Yan Lo in the back with double rams and a Red Joker for damage the old man died, but the remaining kabuki had more finesse. On the other side Yin found a red joker on a fluke flip and ripped Gwyneth apart. Manos tried to reach the other Martyr illuminated, but was too scared when finally facing him - leaving Kitty room to move into the opposing deployment. The Kabuki were adamant in resisting Huggy, but with only 1 health it was no problem obeying it to walk knto a pyre and burning to death.

SCORE : Honeypot 4 (Strat) vs Ancestors 0


The bloodthirsty Lone Swordsman started by decapitating Manos and there were little reason to continue the game, as it was heading for an 8-0




It was extremely swingy, even if the point scoring didn’t reflect it. Every time one side had the upper hand, some red joker would appear and swing the game.

The Kabukis were a fun addition to the Ancestors, although they never really got the benefit of the Silent Protectors, and if only Yan had made it into the third, their distraction would have wreaked havoc.

It was my first time with the Dark Bet instead of Lynch, and I see the merit in the healing and mobility he brings, but… I do think, I prefer the original Lynch. There’s really something about turning opponents into addicts, but man, the crew just works. It was my third Honeypot game, and I’m not sure, I really got Gwyneth down yet, I think, I’ll focus more on handing out early brilliance with her Derenger before getting up close.



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