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Students of All - font of magic, toss




I've been wondering if I can perform following actions by using Sandeep Students of All skill on Banasuva:

I activate Sandeep who is in Base contact with Banasuva, discard a card and take action with Banasuva - Toss. Skill Says that im to Draw a LoS and check range from academic (Sandeep in this case) for the purpose of this action. Can Banasuva throw Sandeep in this case? If so, why? 

Next question: the same situation, but Sandeep is now 6" (Max range for Students of all) Apart from Banasuva. Can Banasuva still toss the Sandeep if activate in the same fashion? 

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Yes, you can draw los and range from Sandeep,  but it isn't Sandeep taking the action, so it is fine for him to be the target if its an attack. Following that, since I'm drawing range from Sandeep as long as the target is within 1" of Sandeep ( and los) I can toss them with Banasuva. Sandeep is always within 1" and los of himself. 

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On 3/13/2023 at 1:19 AM, M33kall said:

Can Banasuva throw Sandeep in this case? If so, why? 

If you, or the people you're playing with have played Warmachine/Hordes, the critical difference is that Malifaux doesn't have a notion of "point of origin".  The prohibition for attack actions is simply "A model may not target itself with an Attack Action."

In Warmachine/Hordes, last I checked, the corresponding prohibition was "An attack cannot target its point of origin."  (I forget if the prohibition is on spells specifically, or attacks in general, but either way it applies to the corresponding situation in Warmachine...)  That's what stops a spell caster channelling a spell through an arc node and targeting that same arc node.

It's fair play in Malifaux because that prohibition doesn't exist.  Even though the attack is being measured and line of sight is being drawn from the other model, the rules don't grant any special status to that model, or say to treat that model as the one making the attack.  As a result, you can target the model you're drawing line of sight and measuring range from.  And the line of the sight and range rules state that a model has line of sight to itself and that a model is always in range of itself.


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