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Newbie question on Character Generation

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This is from the 2nd Edition Core book.
It says under the root card for character creation that you may select any of the skills shown in chapter 5.

In the Endeavor card section for Character Creation it says you have more ability to select skills than the Root section.

Aren't all skills shown in Chapter 5?

How are your skill selection options expanded?

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I believe you are referring to the section on page 76 that says: "Through The Breach Favors characters with a variety of skills, so don't worry about making the "best" choices now. You'll have many opportunities to gain new skills later."

All Skill options are shown in Chapter 5. What the above is saying, is that your character will (easily) continue to gain Skills beyond character creation, so you don't need to worry about getting everything you need to play your character immediately.

Understandable mix-up (= 

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