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Waldo's Weekly - Crime Pays

Hobby Wyrd

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Hey Wyrdos! 

This week, Waldo decided he’d take on a moniker: Oswaldo G. Lumpp. He’s been strutting around the office, claws on his suspenders (we don’t know where he got them), trying to hustle us out of baked goods and pocket change. 

While we deal with this impish persona, let’s take a look at a true master of criminality you’ll find in From Shadows: the Extortionist Pursuit.


Extortionists thrive off exploiting people, naturally. This comes in the form of the Favors Owed Talent. Rather than accept compensation for a job, the Extortionist can gain Favors. Expending Favors lets one do all manner of things, from gaining intel and scrip to having Fatemaster Characters perform tasks.

But how does one get more Favors? The Blackmail Talent, that’s how! An Extortionist can investigate specific characters to gain huge numbers of Favors against them. Want a corrupt Guild Guard in your pocket? How about a hidden Resurrectionist or an Arcanist operative? Just find the skeletons in their closets. Sometimes literally…

Growing a criminal empire is rewarding! Later Steps let you recruit Underlings, collect protection money, and keep powerful figures wrapped around your finger with their own secrets. 



Interested in helping us test new content? We’re currently accepting applications for Through the Breach playtesters! Participating in projects can net you some sweet rewards, like webstore credit, physical product, and PDFs of published material. 

Even better, we already have a One Shot in playtesting, so you’ll be able to dive in as soon as you’re approved! Interested Fated and Fatemasters can follow this link to fill out the appropriate forms:

Playtester Application

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks of From Shadows before it’s released, and get those playtester applications in!

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