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Waldo's Weekly - The Black Friday & Birthday Sale Event is Now Live!


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we won’t keep you here for very long, because…

Our Black Friday and Birthday Anniversary Event is NOW LIVE!

The Event will run from right now (Wednesday, November 23) until Monday, December 5. Make sure to grab everything on your wish list, because we’ve got some great offerings and promotions for you to take advantage of.


You’ll get one Fir-ocious (alt Grootslang) for free after spending $75.


You’ll get one Snow Much Mayhem Waldo (a terrain piece with rules for use in Malifaux and The Other Side) for free after spending $100.


For every $100 after that, you’ll get to pick one of the limited alternate sculpts of your choice (while supplies last). Check out the image above for a full list!

We’ve got a lot of great stuff and some surprises in store (ha! Get it?), including but not limited to:

  • New releases for Malifaux

  • Juggernauts (alt Riotbreakers)

  • DC Plushie with 3 exclusive Junk Cards

  • Vagrantsong Scenarios


As with all our annual events, please allow us time to process and ship orders. We will be out of the office tomorrow for Turkey Day, but we'll be back the following Monday.

Now, what are you waiting for? Head over to the webstore now and load up on Wyrd goodies!

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