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Danse Macabre 2022 - Fall Painting Competition Winners

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Well Wyrdos, the votes have been tallied, all of the suspicious "WALDO WINZ" votes have been discarded, and the results of our Fall Painting Contest- Danse Macabre 2022- are in!

Before we get to the winners, we want to take a moment to thank all of our terrifyingly talented participants! Each contest we continue to be blown away and inspired by the talent within the Wyrd Community!

In the Singles Category we have:

1st Place - @veddermatic - Poltergeist


2nd Place - @Corrgon - Adze


3rd Place - @helldrad - Undead Bust



In the Overachiever Category, we had a tie for second place, with the tie breaker being decided in office!

1st Place  @Enigma - Trick or Treat


2nd Place (TIE) @Stevelangelo - Danse Macabre Collage


3rd Place (TIE) @KID55 - Smooth Criminal


Our Staff votes:

Best of Danse Macabre - Enigma - Trick or Treat



Best of Wyrd - veddermatic - Poltergeist


Our comment winners are:




@Just Jest




@Michael Crawford

Each of you will receive a 10$ USD in Wyrd Webstore Credit!

I will be reaching out this week to get everyone sorted for prizes, and I should have badges assigned by EoD today!

Thanks to everyone who participated and we invite you to keep your eye open for the next one coming around the corner!

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Thanks for all participants, that was a tough battle) But for Wyrd I have some feedback. Don't know is it only for me, but reglament this time was unclear.

Let's see


I got it like there will be 4 winner in each category (1-2-3 places by forum voting + one chosen by Wyrd staff) and 2, already classic "Best of ..." chosen by Staff. So, 10 winners. Plus this statement: "Participants may submit one (1) entry and may be eligible for one prize per contest." All this made me very excited, because even if we know 6 winners for 1-3 places, there 4 more dark horses.

But in result, there is no "Singles Staff Pick" and "Overachievers Staff Pick". If there is initially meant that it would be "Best of ...", so... you are screwed up with wording. Why specified same things twice with different names? But if there was should've been additional prize-places - where is it?

About "one prize per contest" - 1st overachiever and 1st single received both "Best of ...", so actually 2 prizes for 1 participant. Don't get me wrong, I don't count that they doesn't deserve it, they did really great job. But why you are specify the rules and not follow it? Or write in a way when it confusing and unclear? I think that entry with piglets also deserve a place, because it's: funny, show party/celebration of undeads, very cool painted. And I really hoped that you give it "Overachiever Staff Pick". But at the end there is no such nomination at all.

In the end, I want to say that your contest becomes better each time in context of participants, skill level significantly higher than it was few years ago. And from organization point of view there are also a lot of improvements. But in this exact time organization dissapoint me.

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