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Waldo's Weekly - Feels Like an Elephant


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Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo decided to pick up a new hobby. Of course, he decided on playing the trumpet. While we all hunker down and try to deal with headaches caused by a very tone-deaf imp’s unique take on jazz, let’s take a look at another source of trumpeting coming to The Other Side!


The War Elephant serves as the Three Kingdoms’ Titan, a living battering ram that can reduce the heavy armor of other Allegiances to scrap. Handlers spend time bonding with these elephants to ensure crew and beast can act as a single potent unit in whatever army they’re serving.


The sculpt does justice to these pachyderms, as you can see. If you were fortunate enough to have participated in our Titan Smash event at Gen Con, you know how great it looks in person! But appearances aren’t everything…


War Elephants excel when engaged; if you can manage to get them into engagement range with 3 or more Fireteams, the War Elephant generates free Attack Actions (at a potent Strength 5) while dishing out Shaken Tokens to enemies and Inspired Tokens to itself.

When in Glory, a War Elephant becomes a figurehead that grants Inspired Tokens to allies and Shaken Tokens to enemies. It also retains its deadliness, of course!

You’ll be able to see the War Elephant and the rest of the Three Kingdoms forces (as well as the invading Kimon armies) in the new book, Beyond The Other Side, releasing in Q1 of next year.


And as a bonus little treat, here is a version of the cover that you can use as a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!


That’s all for now, Wyrdos. If we can endure Waldo’s awful showtune renditions, we’ll be back with more great stuff next week!


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