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Waldo's Weekly - Dead or Alive


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Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo decided to start painting again. He got out all his brushes, his paint, and even had his little water pot all nicely organized. We thought we’d finally get some peace and quiet, until we saw Waldo happily painting what looked to be a box full of skulls. While we try and figure out where he got them, let’s take a look at this year’s Rotten Harvest models!


Lady Justice and the Marshal keyword have donned new attire this year!

The first box, Dia de los Muertos, features everything you’ll need get a solid start with, or expand, the Marshal keyword:

  • Lady Justice becomes La Catrina, an elegantly dressed skeleton traditionally seen in Day of the Dead celebrations.

  • Santa Muerte replaces the Judge as the one giving the dead eternal rest.

  • The Alebrije tags along instead of the Scales of Justice, inspired by Mexican folk art.

  • No crew would be complete without a few Calacas! Their carved coffins and grinning skulls take the place of Death Marshals.


The La Noche de Duelo box is the second Rotten Harvest offering this year, and offers a great way to continue the Dia de los Muertos theme:

  • The Lone Marshal becomes Charro, a dashing gentleman atop a decorated horse.

  • Accompanying him are two Cucuruchos, who count as Exorcists. They’ll bring penance to all who try to escape it!

Check out the trailer (and a preview of the unique card style) for these characters!



As a reminder, these Rotten Harvest boxes will only be available to order from September through October through your local game store. Make sure to pre-order them today- as always, these Rotten Harvest models are limited release. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

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