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So recently I picked up all the TTB books and thought you know, maybe we don't need a Outcasts book because alot of the iconic Outcasts is more or less covered. But then, my player who is a big fan of outcasts in malifaux immediately asks me if he can play as something close to Hamelin and I did some quick scans through the books and realized there really isn't any vermin manipulation stuff (unless i totally missed it). Hilariously the new NB book has something to summon beasts and swapfiends but that doesn't apply to vermin. With 10 thunders book likely being the "X" book it makes me wonder if this is the end of the originally intended bookline or if it was just something fun they did. Curious other people's opinion if we need a Outcasts book or if we generally already have other pursuits to cover the stylings of the masters and whatnot within that faction.

Also, I know that if there isn't a direct vermin summoning option I can always extend summon malifauna to include them, I doubt it will break anything. Just thought it may be intentional and saved for an Advanced Pursuit following Hamelin's powers or something.


Thanks for any replys and feedback.

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I'd of course be happy for more content, an outcast specific book sounds awesome, but I don't see it as strictly necessary.

On the subject of Vermin, the first place I would look, even if only for inspiration, is the Diseased Monster Pursuit in Under Quarantine (pg.206)

After that, the character Pursuits that I would be looking at would be:

Primal (Into The Steam pg.104) might require some workaround or bodging with the Diseased Monster Pursuit

Mage (Into The Steam pg.100) Maybe use Infected Gamin as a template to bodge a Blight Gamin, and let the Totem have the Vermin Characteristic

Sawbones (Under Quarantine pg. 116) can actually inflict Blight =P

Primordial Advanced Pursuit (From Nightmares pg.112) I think what you were already referring to in your post?

I'm sure that with a bit of creativity, just about any Pursuit could be given a little Blight flavor, and lastly also in Under Quarantine there is some interesting/relevant lore on pages 29 and 42.

Hope this helps 😃

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