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Non-Master/Portrait Fate Decks?

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I'm just getting back into Malifaux after a long time away, and need to get a new fate deck... But there are so many more fate decks now!

I'm wondering if any of them are like the old Classic and Retro fate decks, looking more like a regular deck of cards or at least without character/game-related art on them -- I've just never been fond of the "here's some assorted masters" look.  I can find previews for a few of the decks online, but not all -- the Other Side Malifaux/Earth decks in particular I can't find example images for.

Of course, I know what I really want is the Classic or Retro fate deck, but they seem to be impossible to find now. I imagine they're long discontinued, but if anyone knows where to still find one, I'd appreciate that as well. (And if there are plans for similar decks in the future, please please do that Wyrd, they were amazing.)

Also, apologies if this is in the wrong place... Like I said, it's been a while. 😅 I'll happily remove/relocate it if necessary.

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Eh, that kind of feels like exactly what I don't want -- huge detailed game art, trying to look dark/cool, faction-specific graphics, etc. Especially the top one with the giant "13" and everything spelled out instead of just using the recognizable suit icons that the game already has.

I'm looking for something with a cleaner deck-of-cards feel. In used to have the retro fate deck and it was perfect, really, so I'm just wondering if Wyrd has done anything remotely close to it more recently. 

(And again, apologies if I mess up attaching an image below!)


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4 hours ago, Jude said:

Ahh, that looks like something I can put up with. 😁 Thanks!

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