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Stitched Together and Widow Weaver house rules - feedback MUCH appreciated.


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I'm starting to work up house rules for Puppets I want to add to my PW game. First up are Stitched Togethers (using "Bear-ly Togethers") and the Widow Weaver (Mysterious Effigy with a parasol added and some fine lines carved at the limb joints to give a more "puppety" look).


I haven't done any playtesting with them yet and haven't played PW in general in a while, but if anyone wants to give them a shot (or you just see something obvious that I should change) and let me know what you think, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I'll update once I get some games in with them.


image.thumb.png.fb2c53c74cf61d3ede8d7c93bf5b8d61.png                     image.thumb.png.0dd272420f58beb0c905499af540c91d.png

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Sorry, this is not a full on custom puppet, as I am working on them, and going to playtest them within a month or so.

After some time looking around for how to further "balance" or optimize this game, I have found some use for the Puppetpocalypse models (I know you Wurmwood are not a huge fan of these sculpts, but I found an okay use for them). 

Within our group, The Hooded Rider is too powerful. I remember other playtesters back in the day experienced similar issues. The "yellow" puppets also have three sidekicks, so I thought the Puppetpocalypse would be great as Sidekicks for ram, tome, mask and crows.
Furthermore, our group wanted some more gamemodes. I have seen the "King of the hill"-style, but games tend to take a long time with balanced opponents (I should mention, we typically play this with 3-4 people). What I wanted to do was to give the game some more defined boundaries and a little more development for a team.
Some of the rules I will implement when finishing the 4 additional horsemen:

  1. The 5 horsemen (the hooded rider is included there) can not be chosen for your toybox.
  2. Upgrading a puppet with items is not necessarily limited to puppets within your scrapyard.
  3. The missions I want to create is different ways to earn victory-points (I have thought of 3 modes, where one mode rewards a trophy (doll-head) for slaying another puppet. The other rewards dolls for searching piles of mess lying around the board (an example of a mission card is attached)). These victory-points can be EXHAUSTED (exhaustion does not make you lose the point, but it cannot be exhausted twice) to attach an upgrade to a puppet. This should be seen as an ability (which I would call a free action).

These rules work for our group because we are not huge meta-gamers, so overpowered upgrades for certain puppets are not what we look for or study too hard. Furthermore we felt that the development of the game could get a bit stale at times. Please bear in mind, this is a work in progress and merely a first draft (without playtesting or further study) at how a mission-card could  be done.


*NOTE: This is totally home-made for private use. It is not affiliated in any way with Wyrd :) 


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