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Capital City conference summer series

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Capital city conference summer panic series.


Capital city malifaux players, we are leading up to NOVA Open, and have literally 0 qualifying events to try to get players to qualify for the USFT masters invitational, despite it literally being in our backyard and run by our meta mates.


Are we going to let Texas come in and dominate the event in our area?


Here is my proposed solution:


The summer panic series!

Three events, on the July 17, July 24 and Aug 7.


All gaining grounds (all)

All three rounds 2 hour 15 minutes rounds

All 9:30 -6ish

No painting requirement, extremely loose proxy rules.

Vwc rules decisions will be followed as much as possible.


Location- my house in Mount airy, MD (easy route 70 access, 35 minutes north of Germantown) 

Weather permitting I will do this outside, I have pretty good shade cover in my front yard.  If it's raining we will be in my basement


The goals:

  1. As many unique players as possible.  This is essential as we might get some flexibility on this requirement but 20 unique Is a hard ask

  2. At least 8 players at each event -and I don't count because I run it.

  3. Bring in all the new meta members- this is for fun, 

What I need from you!

  1. Terrain help- I have about 4 tables worth.  5 if it gets ugly

  2. I need you to show up!  I know summer is hard, with vacations and all.  But this is all for naught at under 8 players for each event.  


How do I sign up??  Email me at nhoyle1@gmail.com  feel free to contact me on here or on discord @finn#5982 with any questions.

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With one event under my belt I'm here to start bugging you for next Sunday.
Summer panic  series malifaux tournament  part 2 this Sunday in Mt airy MD.   Yesterday's part one was a ton of fun, with Jim Dyson taking the top spot.  
We are breaking out gg3 this Sunday and this is a single master event.  This week's attendence prize was a measuring widget.  I'm going to try to do tournament trays this week, unless my crafting skills fail me.

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