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In Faction healing?

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Played my first game post nerf with Ivan. I lost to Kaeris 2 by 7-6.

Now that Ivan no longer has Umbra as his keyword Gibson cant heal him. I am thinking a hopeful prospect but their heal is on ram trigger so its not reliable. Is there any better heals? The main problem was my opponent kept focusing on killing Mordrake so the 2 irreducible to Ivan to bring Mordrake back built up with no way to heal him. Seeing as they are so cheap i could have built in redundancy with two prospects.  Any tips?



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I think ES is a bit on the weak side for healing (except keyword stuff).

Other options to consider include Lamplighters (which get the accuracy modifier so seem like very weak healers) or rough riders (with the tome trigger). Neither seems ideal.

Note the Rough Rider trigger is after resolving, so even a 1 of tomes will act as a heal (as opposed to the six of rams you need with the hopeful prospect)

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Explorer does not have a general healer like other factions, instead most of the keywords have their own healer. If you are specifically looking for a healer for Ivan, then I would recommend Winston or Lamplighters.

Winston is a solid henchman that works very well in many crews. Arcane Reservoir is always good and Fortune's Favor can set up some good flip for next duel(attack or defense). As a healer he can only heal at most 2 per activation, but Dirigible Ride is a good tool that can use for repositioning opponent into bad position as well.

Lamplighters are a more supporting model. As mentioned above, their healing are affected by accuracy modify, which means that they need some cards to heal more than 1. They however can provide another source of concealing terrain. A Lit Lamp Marker can give ++ to any non-melee attacks in the crew.

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I have the same problem when playing ES, Lamplighters with Jedza are ok, OOF not so much... you can get some healing with the bonus action of the Emissary but it has to be 3 inches away from the model and still requires to win the duel by 2 or more and just to heal 1...

So yeah, hopefully we'll get a new model who heals like crazy!  

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one Lamplighter in Ivan is good! the 2 lamp markers are concealing so they give you an easy way to jump across the board with Ivan/Mordrake! Also if you positionned them well this will give Ivan a nice Positive once per activation for the whole game! It transforms him into a mini-turret and always having at least 1 positive in defense is really good!!

For the heal, it will most of the time heal only 1 but it's not that bad since it's coupled with a 3inch push! If you REALLY need to heal more, you could also not relent and cheat a really low card for Ivan and a moderate card with lamplighter so that you heal without any modifier.

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