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UK Nationals 2022


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The UK Nationals is back, and in line with the renewed interest in Malifaux is aiming to be bigger and better than ever.

We have a new venue with increased capacity & space, refreshments and a bar. We return to 7 games in line with the expected increase in numbers that should again make this the world's biggest Malifaux tournament.

Date: 19/20th November

Location: Newark Showground

Tickets: £40

For further details and tickets visit the event website: https://uk-nationals.co.uk/


  1. Lee Walstow
  2. Sean Wheeliker
  3. Callum Smith
  4. Øyvind Willumsen Haugå (Norway) 
  5. Grant Dickenson
  6. David Garrard
  7. Rich Walters
  8. Pieter Schutte
  9. Arran Jones
  10. Matt Lewin
  11. Gustavo Castro (Spain)
  12. Felix Porras (Spain)
  13. Andres Suarez (Spain)
  14. Paul Symes
  15. Matt Cole
  16. Russell Shea
  17. Julie Winterbourne 
  18. Jamie Varney
  19. Alfonso Villar (Spain)
  20. Tom Thorpe
  21. Ruth Bedder
  22. Steve Finch
  23. Gregory Clarke
  24. Craig Johnson
  25. Radek Bry
  26. James Trevallion
  27. Luke Athiko
  28. Alex Mead
  29. Axel Skovgaard Teglskov (Denmark)
  30. Anthony Dudden 
  31. Martin Narewski (Poland)
  32. Aleksandra Klusinka (Poland)
  33. Gabriele Sosso
  34. Rob Hallam
  35. Alex Gray
  36. Nick Gray
  37. Finlay Currie
  38. Kareem El-kority
  39. James Whitbread
  40. Chris Hill
  41. Connor Prescott 
  42. Jan Pietrzak 
  43. Jack Zissell
  44. Dominik Dabrowski (Poland)
  45. Stef McGlen
  46. James Moinet
  47. Dan Eatch
  48. Andy Bradshaw
  49. Emma Newnham
  50. Dominik Öller
  51. Alyx Drake
  52. Tom Benstead
  53. Mark Wheldon 
  54. Troy Ashdown
  55. Tom Skitt
  56. Thomas Panah
  57. Courtney Murray
  58. Chris Gilboy
  59. Jack Bicknell 
  60. Oliver Lonsdale
  61. Tom Kapel
  62. Brendan Davis
  63. Ben Sutcliffe
  64. Alex Handley
  65. Luke Cocksedge 
  66. Kai Young
  67. Craig Colley
  68. Adam Perry
  69. David Laing
  70. A J Barr
  71. Andrew Humphrey 
  72. Anthony Harris 
  73. Ole Ingvar Stene (Norway)
  74. Alex Walsh 
  75. Ollie Hedges 
  76. Roberto Cabañas Berruguete (Spain)
  77. Gonzalo Ramos Castro (Spain)
  78. Neil Harrison 
  79. Gordon Barlow
  80. Mike Hartman
  81. Maciej Siwek (Poland)
  82. Michael Findlow
  83. David Cameron
  84. Reice Chaudhry 
  85. James Wells
  86. Greg Packman
  87. Tim Bohknecht
  88. Jesper Kaldenbach (Netherlands)
  89. Ben Clapperton
  90. Diki Thomas
  91. Chris Draper 
  92. Oz Goff (to pay)
  93. Lewis Phillips (to pay)
  94. Olivia Phillips (to pay)
  95. Michael Arnott  (to pay)
  96. Andy Bushell (to pay)


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Paid for Félix Porras and Gustavo Castro, more Spaniards on the way! 

David, not just because I got my ticket, but have you considered giving a prize to whoever flips the most black jokers? I'd love to have a real chance of winning something

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Excellent visit to the venue today. We have exclusive use of a large bright space, with a bar, lots of outside space and adjacent free parking. 

We discussed some ideas on catering which I'll share shortly for your feedback.

Attendee numbers are increasing steadily to a point where I can start considering swag, but would love to see those numbers increase towards the 100 target.

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