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Waldo's Weekly - Hog Wild


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo signed up to run his very first marathon! Once we explained all the training that would be needed but would be good for him in the long run, he was really confused as to what we were talking about. Maybe we misunderstood what he meant when he said that he’s running the streets.

So, while we recover from those running jokes, let’s take a look at the upcoming Bayou Bash expansion!


In Bayou Bash: Hog Wild, players will get a bunch of new game modes to play, new Racers to run down the track, a few new terrain types to further customize your track, and more!

Today, we’re going to take a look at two of the four new Racers in Hog Wild, the Toad Twins and the Whiskey Gamin.


Thanks to the two Toad Twins strapped to her feet, this new Racer slips and skips along the track without having to worry much about Staggering. If you’re looking for a Racer that knows exactly where she’s going (despite having two toads leading the way), then look no further than the Toad Twins!


The Whiskey Gamin looks out for his fellow Barrels on the track, and can weaponize them with a little bit of Gremlin ingenuity. This Racer has a mean streak, and can bend the path of Barrels to Ram into opponents with ease. If tossing stuff toward other Racers sounds like Barrels of fun to you, then join up with the Whiskey Gamin in the latest expansion!

In addition to the new Racers (two of which have yet to be revealed!), Bayou Bash: Hog Wild will also include new Terrain to add to your track!

When designing these two Terrain types, we aimed to create beneficial objects to interact with on the track that were crystal-clear and simple in how they worked while providing a ton of added strategy (and maybe just a dash of chaos) along the way.


When you move onto a Swamp Spring, you’ll then move an additional space in any direction. These are a great way to get you out of a one-direction bind, or to save you from potentially falling off the track! With a little bit of luck and planning, these Swamp Springs can keep you charging forward instead of stopping too soon!


When you move onto a Mysterious Mushroom, you’ll flip over the terrain to reveal a random reward. When the terrain token is flipped over, it stays flipped over, so Racers behind you can also move into that space to reap those rewards. Will you risk being the first to see what’s beneath these fun fungi or will you wait until others are a little more daring?

There are 12 tokens for each type of terrain in Hog Wild, so you’ll be able to spread them out all over the track.

Bayou Bash: Hog Wild is coming out later this summer! We’ll have more details once we get closer to release. The next time we cover Bayou Bash: Hog Wild, we’ll be showing off the last two Racers and the new game modes included in the expansion (yep, even an 8-player mode)!

We’ll see you then!

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