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Playtest Upcoming Vagrantsong Content!

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Hey Wyrdos,

Have you hopped aboard the Silver Ferryman? Has the word Haint driven you mad? Have you said “please don’t draw an Apple” a hundred times yet? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we have some exciting news!


We are currently working on some new Vagrantsong content, and in order to make it as exciting as we can, we need your help!

If you are a fan of Vagrantsong, have played at least half of the campaign, and are willing to take new content through the ringer by providing feedback on broken Scenario bits, then we want you!

Specifically, we are currently looking for playtesters to check out a super challenging puzzle Scenario. If that sounds like it’s up your alley, then use the form below to sign up!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A strong understanding of how to play Vagrantsong

  • Tabletop Simulator on Steam (it’s a lot easier for us to update than to ask you to print files multiple times)

  • A willingness to provide us with feedback and reports based on the sessions you played

If you help us out by playing the Scenario and reporting back your experiences, you will get a physical copy of this content! This Scenario will include new cards and a new Haint standee!

Are you interested in hopping aboard? Use the form below to let us know!


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