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Into the dojo : Part one - Dishonorable vs Ancestors

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I’ve got eighteen keywords, yet only find opportunity to get out and play once or twice a month. So while trying to figure out adding Lucius, Dishonorable to my neverborn repertoire, I decided to try and play him vs one of my untried ressurs : Yan Lo.

The game was :

Corrupted Ley Lines - Flank Deployment

Assasinate, Claim Jump, Hidden Martyrs, Vendetta and Catch and Release

Terrain plenty of blocking terrain, of particular note was two large forests (dense, severe, concealing) covering the center and flank objective, while the other flank, saw it’s marker high on a Ht3 rock.

Lucius, Dishonorable + Scribe

Mysterious Emissary - to take advantage of the forest terrain and hand out Staggered

Alan Reid - Boring Conversation, Diversion and Nefarious Pact, everything else is just gravy.

Investigators x2 - Stand back… and Remove Evidence for card draw and mobility, while being cheap min(3) beaters.

False Witness x2 w. Ancient Pact - Primarily for False Claim synergy with Investigators, but are deceptively dangerous.

Schemes - Assassinate, Hidden Martyrs (False Witness + Investigator)

Yan Lo w. The Whisper + Soul Porter

Manos - Fast, hard-hitting, he seemed like a great pick to ensure the ball would get the objectives.

Yin - Like Manos, she seemed like a good pick for strategy

Chiaki - Seemed like good support, removing conditions, pushing and handing out upgrade - and I ended up cheating with her.

Izamu - a big indestructible murder machine, what’s not to like.

Komainu w. Gravespirits Touch - a tough little guy to take the hit and run schemes.

Schemes - Claim Jump (Izamu), Vendetta (Komainu + Investigator).


The Game

Round one was unpacking, and I was amazed at the amount of movement and card draw the Elite crew had the investi-witness combo was smoking, and it drew 6 cards/turn. The crew aimed for center while sending the emissary to prepare for grabbing the flank forest objective.

Meanwhile the Ancestors homed in on the center, while setting up to grab the flank objective on the rock next turn. Again I was amazed at the speed this crew performed.

The turn ended with Lucius bouncing in, staggering half the Ancestors and pulled out to guard the objective on the high rock. Both crews scored their home objective of course.

Round two saw Yan Lo retaliate and unload on Lucius, and with luck and red joker managed to strip him of more than half of his health. Lucius in turn hit back, but failed miserably and had to pull out, wasting his turn basically. This was all in lieu of the Chiaki cheat, as she summoned her own reliquae, really making it hard for me to put out staggered. Lucius however did cause enough chaos so the encestors couldn’t grab the objective on the rock.

Izamu bore down on the center objective, nearly killing poor Alan Reid before he could strike up a really boring conversation. But with the aid of the mysterious emissary staggering Izamu, the not-so-gentle giant was garroted by Reid and his investigators, denying two points and grabbing the center objective. Manos tried to kill off an investigator, but he pulled out his badge and intimidated him with his authority, but Yan Lo came in and helped the Komainu in it’s vendetta.

Round three Lucius finally remembered his built in scheme marker, but was killed off by Yan Lo, who now took up position in the center, replacing dead Izamu and disposing of Alan Reid. Yin managed to score the rock objective.

Alan did manage to pass off the ball to a False Witness, who played it back to the Mysterious Emissary for a third Objective for the Elites. The ancestors finally grabbed the rock. So the score was 2 - 3 with the ancestors having revealed vendetta and pulling ahead, but denied the Claim Jump.

Round Four Manos kept flubbing his attack on the one investigator, so much that he wanted to leave the job of getting the ball to the centre objective to Yin, but a False Witness suddenly stepped in and accused him of wrongdoing, and so got in a position Yin were unable to pass the ball to Yan Lo. The investigators in turn killed Manos and then turned their attention to the komainu, but Yan finished off the vendetta target with his laser beams.

The elites struggled on, the second false witness and the emissary made a desperate run to get into position turn 5 at the ancestors home objective, desperate because Yan would easily foil it. Winning seemed impossible, only hope was to try and kill off an impregnable komainu, because somehow the ancestors didn’t bite at the hidden martyrs. Score was 3 - 3

Round five I finally saw the use of Grasping Tentacles, as the emissary was able to block Yan from doing his thing and killing the ball carrier. Instead Yan killed the final investigator to protect the komainu, and Yin scored the centre strategy.

Revealing Hidden Martyr and scoring the final objective the Elite took the win Final Score 5 - 4


Both crews surprised me in speed and agility, even if I bungled a few rules. The ancestors were incredibly durable, but so were the elite from Intimidating Authority. Another time I might swap a Witness for a lawyer and the emissary for a cyclops, while I’m on the fence about Chiaki.

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On 5/9/2022 at 3:03 AM, Cranky Old Man said:

Well done. Doesn’t appear to be a good pool for Lucius 2 but sounds like you played it well. I love the mobility of Newcius. Thanks for the report.

Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊

I really like Dishonorable. He feels more like a master, while he’s still able to boss his crew around. Nothing like turning up in the middle of the opposing crew staggering everybody and punching someone for 7 damage 😉

He still plays on hard mode - and unluckily I’ve only faced off vs Ressurs and their HtW - but I still enjoy his active ways more than Old Lucius.

I’m not entire sold on Investigators/Witnesses - even if I really want them to work. Yet again, they do offer a lot of mobility and card draw - and that card draw with Intimidating Authority makes them deceptively defensive. 

It definitely calls for practice to make the crew work. It’ll probably work better in a Gaining Grounds where scheme markers matter a little more. But untill then it’s just good fun. 

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12 hours ago, extremor said:

Oh I would have loved Hildegard if only her entrancing aura would be 6“ instead of 3“ this would have made intimidating authority a damn good ability. 

Haven’t tried out Hildy or Klaus. ‘Cause I haven’t heard anything positive about the preassembled or starterpacks. 

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Just now, Cranky Old Man said:

False witness are a pick into things like detonate. they are too squishy to take into anything if they dont have a definite plan.

Combined with Investigators they offer mobility and card draw. One False Claim equals 4x 3” pushes and two cards in your hand. 

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