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Stratagem interaction with strategic alliances rules



So I have been thinking about how stratagems work when you’ve got an envoy.  Many stratagems refer to an ability, action or event that occurs based on your units or fireteams. There is no difference in language between allegiance and envoy units. For example Activate Defensive Coils just punishes event fireteams near your own. 

This makes sense as in the base rules you can only take stratagems from your allegiance. 

FoG introduced Strategic Alliances that allow you to take up to 2 stratagems from your envoy. But it includes specific language about units specific alliances. Although interestingly it does say “When resolving these stratagems” after talking about those 2. So I think that the specific wording is only for the envoy stratagems. 

Let’s follow the example I had above. My Abyssinia company has a guild envoy. If I play activate defensive coils I can still count my guild mages as one of this company’s fireteams (as it is an allegiance stratagem) but for flamestrike the enemy unit would need to be within 12” of one of my guild units (as it is an envoy stratagem). 

Do you agree?


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