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Trials of Fate - the next Malifaux World Series 6-rounder! Starts in May.


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Hello all! It's time for the second of our 6-rounders for this year's World Series!

Are you ready for the Trials of Fate? It will be 6 rounds of no-holds-barred competition running from 16 May to 29 June. Registration will close 14 May. Format is GG2, 50ss, default (double masters allowed).

Registration for Trials of Fatehttps://forms.gle/pXxwtW75Xt17rQJn7

Participation in this event contributes to your qualification of the World Series Championship, tentatively scheduled for November of 2022. World Series rankings will are hosted at  https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us!

We have added a code of conduct for the series this year. With the participation we received last year, we wanted to make sure we are being as transparent as possible about what our sportsmanship expectations are and how be intend to enforce any breaches in conduct. Find the MWS Code of Conduct here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XTuvQF5JHyrOKj-43jkvrPzEIEgEP9YlCNq0_yh4PyQ/edit?usp=sharing

As usual, we have tried to keep an up-to-date FAQ so players can resolve as many rules disputes as possible at the table. Our Rulings and FAQ has been updated with most outstanding Malifaux Burns questions. As always, anything we feel is clearly supported by the core rules or Wyrd's official FAQ isn't included in our document. Find the MWS Rulings and FAQ here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z6jmZUtGXBxx31gHywREs95h-26js4maH0JBsBLWRRU/edit

NB: Round 6 will be using an altered version of Boomtown, with the download available on the Discord Server for the event. Make sure to download it before round 6!


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Also, here's a heads up of what's coming up!

Upcoming MWS Events

  • 3-Round Henchman-led Tournament May 30 - Jun 19
  • 4-Round Singles Clocked Tournament Jul 11 - Aug 7
  • 4-Round Singles + Bans Tournement Aug 8 - Sept 4
  • 6-Round Singles Tournement Sept 12 - Oct 23 (Final 6-rd event of the series)
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We have had some questions about Gaining Grounds 3. The policy is that we will not swap rounds over for at least a week if GG3 gets released.

This means you can practice a week in advance and not worry that your practice will be invalidated. If GG3 releases later in the event, we may not transition at all.

If GG3 doesn't release until 2023, we will all be a little sad.

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