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English Ivan list questions

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I have 2 games coming up that I would like some list advice on. I don’t know the strat or schemes, yet, which I know makes a huge impact. The games are against Sonnia and against Youko. Not sure which version either is playing. I can run either version. Any advice for both games would be greatly appreciated. 

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Bring a cleanse for the burning against Sonnia (Hopeful Prospect'll do fine). Don't rely on Ivan being able to summon Brocken as the Thalarian Queller can make one of their models immune to triggers with its bonus action, and Spelleaters are natively immune. This means you might only have Wp 5 targets available for summoning. Also try to avoid clumping up against her, both versions do solid AoE. Version 2 brings markers as well, so I'd recommend putting Treasure Map on something (probably a DUA model in Ivan 2, so you can use Ivan's bonus to make them do it).

Youko is really, really bad against Ivan, so your opponent might bring a second master or heavy OOK (they might not though, some players just bring keyword regardless). Both versions of Youko heavily rely on distracted, and they aren't that good even when it works. Within the crew Bill Algren is scary because he can be pseudo min 7 using double crit strike and Debt of Gratitude. To avoid this, have some scheme markers down that you're fine with removing to block the two damage. If they bring Kabuki Warriors you should be able to obliterate them with Ivan as they're just Wp 5, 8 wds (probably two shot them using a focus). Also, if you can, try to reveal your schemes on turn 4 so they don't get full use of their Leverage ability. Something to consider if you're planning on distracting your own models for :+flipis that Youko1 can 1/turn unresisted at range 10" force a non-Master Distracted +2 model to take a non-Charge General action (Walk, Interact, Disengage, so the general stuff not on their card) or a :meleeaction. Also, Kunoichi can get bonus damage versus distracted models. So if you do put distracted on your stuff you should try to spend it on attacks ASAP.

When you're planning your scheme targets remember that Guild has Lead Lined Coat so they'll probably make at least Sonnia Armour +1 with Laugh Off, which might make something like Assassinate difficult. TT now have Terracotta Warriors to worry about as well, which have Take the Hit, three health, and they only ever take 1 damage when they're hit (even from Brocken, they just change all incoming damage to = 1 irreducible). Black Soulstone is a good option if they're using them as bodyguards in a clump.

Choosing between Ivan 1 or 2 is mainly based on the schemes I'd say. Just murdering Youko's crew is a pretty valid strategy which makes me think Ivan1 though.

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