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Warcradle Scenics Augusta town set


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Found this video review of the Augusta terrain set from Warcradle Scenics. Far better than anything I can do.

Tabletop Skirmish Games has unboxed and built their Augusta Terrain Set here:  https://youtu.be/Q5IhHc_e-PY 

I bought several of these - everything except the intact Warehouse as I thought it was too big to be good for Malifaux. I love the train station and while the tracks are a bit fiddly, they look pretty good. Tip: while assembling the wheels for the train cars, have some completed tracks on hand so you can space out the wheels so they sit on the tracks properly. I did not and had to go back and do some cutting on the inner edges of the wheels to make it fit better. 

There are some big pieces and I normally don't like those for Malifaux. The train station and water tower are fine, but the Factory and Demolished Factory are pretty big. I knew the Warehouse pieces were big, but the Factory pieces aren't much smaller. I probably wouldn't have purchased the intact Factory if I had realized how big. The Demolished one can at least still use the interior more easily in play. The trains are big too, but I kind of expected that. 

I actually liked the demolished Warehouse a lot more than I thought I would. It is big, but if treated more like two pieces of terrain works well and feels like it will be easier to play on. I almost didn't buy it, but am glad I did. It is very fragile though and there was one piece that I couldn't quite figure out until I looked very closely at the pictures. 

You don't need the whole set for a full table. The buildings are simply too big on a 3x3 imo. However, a couple make a good addition to a factory/trainyard theme. I've got a table set up and will take some pics tonight. My biggest gripe is that there isn't as much scatter terrain with these buildings as the Mythos Set came with and that's a bummer. There are some with the Train Station, but not as much as I'd like overall. And to save costs/weight, they didn't do baseplates for the Factory models. This is OK, but can make them a bit more fragile. I really wish they had done a simple baseplate to increase sturdiness. I took some smaller scraps and used them to brace the corners a bit more. 



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53 minutes ago, trikk said:

How is the scale? Aren't they a tad bit smaller than Mx?

Not noticeably so. I'll get some pics tonight with some models. The doors and such are pretty good scale wise. Warcradle Scenics seems to bounce between 28-32mm scales. The 28 might technically be a bit small, but I find the 32 a bit big sometimes. For me a bigger issues are playability and ease of use.

This set has some pieces that are a bit bigger than I usually like, but still some good stuff. I'm going to play a bit and see how to best use it all. As with all MDF terrain, it can be a bit tricky assembling, but I like WS as their stuff has enough color and texture (usually) that I don't need to paint anything. And I do like putting stuff together. 

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OK - I finally got some pics up on OneDrive

Warcradle Augusta Set stuff

Here are a couple for those that don't want to go elsewhere:


The pics in the folder show what I bought in a couple (all but the intact warehouse) so you can see. Then I set up a table as I normally would and left off the intact Factory and some of the tracks and rail cars as it was too much. I added some scatter terrain and painted minis so you can better see scale. I'm going to try and play a game on this one soon and see how it goes. Overall I like the look and think it will be fun to play on.

I did make some minor changes to the train station deck. The piece with the roof had it attached, so while it looks good, it was going to be a pain to move models under and actually play on. So I sawed off the supports (I didn't think about it until after of course) and uses some of one of the trash can pieces to create feet for it instead. Some heavy washers underneath help it stay upright. This way I can move it off like a roof and better get to the deck for game play.



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