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Copycat Killer alternative help.

Paul Otega

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Hi everyone I wonder if anyone cane help. I have the M1E Red Chapel box which didn’t come with the Copycat Killer as it was a later model (wish I had got it at the time). After looking for it the single metal model is ridiculously expensive at around $45 (US), I really don’t want to buy the new set as that’s the only model I need, so I think I’m going to have to find a good model as a proxy. Does anyone have any good options for him.


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Yeah - that's a rough model to find. I ended up buying the Puppet Wars box as I really wanted that model. It is a bit bigger than I like. 

Gadzooks Gaming will sometimes have one in stock, but it's typically $16+shipping. I managed to grab one a few months ago by luck. You just have to check the website every now and again to see if it's in stock. 

But otherwise, yeah, leprachauns or maybe a hobbit style model might work. Here are some I found that might work, but aren't great...



That was just a 15 minute search, so you might find better out there. 

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