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Question: deciphering the share -> copy link functionality for games


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Oh I see, you want to reverse engineer it. The URL is created via Firebase's Dynamic Links, which stores the JSON template for the game setup to be retrieved whenever the link is followed.

Hypothetically you could call the Dynamic Links API to create one, the JSON template itself isn't all that obfuscated. Here's an example:


	"created": "2022-01-14T10:49:57.807500",  // Timestamp
	"createdIn": "1.5.9",      // App version number
	"maxCrewSize": 50,         // Optional, defaults to 50
	"name": "GG Season 2",     // Optional, defaults to 'ruleset'
	"ruleset": "GG Season 2",  // Optional, defaults to latest ruleset from setups file.
	"strat": "m",       // One of c(row), m(ask), r(am), or t(ome).
	"deployment": "c",  // One of c(row), m(ask), r(am), or t(ome).
	"schemePool": [     // 5 different 0-indexed scheme numbers.


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Looks like dynamic links are Firebase's version of deep linking, which is good thing.

Thank you for the JSON blob, i can use to build my own blob and will reference that many times.  Where did you find the reference for the JSON? is the app open source and i missed that somehow?

I know it's written using the Dart framework, which is not something i have used as of yet.  I don't do much dev work these days...


Are you one of the developers/support people for the app?

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The app is not open source, the code is owned by Wyrd, but I'm the sole developer and you could technically decipher some of this by looking at the network calls from the web version of the app, so I don't mind sharing some of the technical details. I can help with other questions you have as you look into this.

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