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Bloody Valentine Winter Painting Competition

Hobby Wyrd

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"The blood drains down like the devil's rain,
We'll bathe tonigh

-Skulls, by The Misfits

Ah Love... an emotion that causes so much joy, but also a plethora of pain. Miss Aphrodina is more than happy to handle the joy love brings, but this year we're looking at the pain (and blood) that heartache brings. That said, the theme of this competition is Bloody Valentine with an emphasis on "bloody." 

All entries must incorporate blood effects in a prominent way. We need a bit more than a splatter here or a handprint there. Horrific operating theaters, blood drenched villians, or whatever else that is sufficiently red and messy.

Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59 pm EST (UTC -5) on February 14th, 2022. We encourage you to submit your entries early as no submission will be accepted after the cutoff, no exceptions. If you need to make any changes to your upload by February 14th 11:59 pm EST (UTC -5) please contact @Hobby Wyrd via PM on the Wyrd forum. Entries are to be submitted HERE.

We have two (2) categories for this contest- Single Model and Diorama/Vignette. Participants may submit one (1) entry per category. Remember one entry means one photo, which can be a collage. Please note our criteria for Singles and Diorama categories. They are as follows:

Singles: A single model on a base of appropriate scale or on a plinth of similar size. The single model should make up the majority of the submission and be the focus of the piece, not any additional accessories or details attached to the base. If the base is the main focus of the submission, then the submission belongs in the Diorama/Vignette category.

Diorama/Vignette: This category is focused on storytelling through the use of miniatures and basing. For the purposes of Wyrd Painting Competitions, the submission uses one (1) or more figures in additional to other materials. The emphasis is on the entire piece and the scene/story being presented.

Make sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with our general competition rules found HERE.

NOTE: Prior to the start of voting, our contest staff reserve the right to move a submission into another category that fits more appropriately. If this occurs, affected participants will be notified via forum PM.

Prizes - Each category will have the following prizes:
1st Place: $75 in Wyrd webstore credit
2nd Place: $50 in Wyrd webstore credit
3rd Place: $25 in Wyrd webstore credit  

Best of Awards - The Wyrd Staff will take a look at all the categories and vote to determine the winner for each of the following:

Best of Bloody Valentine: $100 USD cash prize (via PayPal) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff
Best of Wyrd Entry: One (1) Nightmare Box of winner's choice (from a list of available Nightmare sets) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff - Wyrd Models only

Due to unsportsmanlike behavior in the past, I need to reiterate that the votes need to come from active forum members. We will be post restricting the polls, so only active accounts with a minimum of ten (10) posts (not all in the same day) will be able to vote.

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