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TOS Vassal Module 1.3 now available


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Hi all

I have updated the module for the new starter box art. So Court of Two and Guild match the new artwork.


I have also added placeholders for all the new assets and strategems. The reference cards will be updated as soon as the App is live with the cards. But for those with the cards you can play already.

On my list to change for the next update:

  • Update the reference cards
  • Update the artwork for Guild / Court asset and strategem boxes, at the moment it is using the Malifaux and Earth art but updating that art will take a bit longer.
  • Late spot that on the Enslaved Spirit box when it goes to 2 models some of the art bleeds beyond the rim. Won't impact the gameply at all, most visible on forest and city style maps. Probably why I missed it.
  • Realised the City fight map starts you as defender. Think I know how to fix this.


Longer term plans:

  • Figure out the how malifaux module added the charge lane view to make it easier to see if bases can fit. Slightly less important here as squads can move over themselves but for other units it will be helpful.
  • I am also looking into the 4 card flip for to make some of the Cult abilities easier to use.


If there are other bugs or requests please let me know.


Module can be found here.


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