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Waldo's Weekly - Go, Go, Go!


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we’re getting the party started.

Our National Game & Puzzle Retail Therapy Black Friday Event is NOW LIVE!


Whew, that’s a mouthful. NGPRTBFE doesn’t exactly fall off the tongue. Anyway, moving on!

This Event will run from right now (Wednesday, November 24th) until Thursday, December 2nd. Make sure to load up your cart while you can because some of the offerings we have available are in limited quantities.

Let’s take a quick gander at some of the special stuff that’s available in our webstore.


  • Includes 2 unassembled Abyssal Reavers, which act as Mature Nephilim in Malifaux and Devouring Eels in The Other Side.


  • Includes 4 preassembled Puppet-sized and Puppet-themed Riders for Malifaux


  • A preassembled 50mm terrain piece compatible with both The Other Side and Malifaux.

  • Can be obtained by spending $100 or more on your order, or by purchasing it for $25.

After the first $100 spend, for each additional $100, you’ll have your choice to receive any of these limited sculpts (while supplies last):


We’re also cleaning out the closet, so to speak! Represent your favorite Malifaux Faction or Allegiance from The Other Side in style. All shirts will be 50% off during the Event!


In addition to everything already listed, Waldo found some special things tucked away in the warehouse. Thanks to our curious imp, there will be a few surprises in the store, so make sure to be on the lookout!

As with all our annual events, please allow us time to process and ship orders. We will be out of the office tomorrow for Turkey Day, but we'll be back the following Monday.

Now, with all of that in mind… what are you waiting for? Head over to the webstore now!

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1 hour ago, Mr Oogie Boogie said:

how often do the bikers come around,. i spent 589 dollars lol but couldn't afford them as well lol will they come back round?


Are you referring to the McCabe nightmare box? If so it is likely to be in the Easter sales and next black Friday. 

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