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New Player teaching/introducing the game.


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What are your tips for the best ways to introduce new players into the game? 

What would be the best way to introduce them to the game mechanics? The 2 player set from the 2e stuff was good for this but is it still viable in any way?

What would be some good crew boxes to demo games with???

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I do 30 stones, no free leader, henchmen leader with only 2 ap.

Then do corrupted leylines on corner with only three markers between the two deployment zones (remove the flank markers).

Scheme is assassinate.

Has straightforward looking objectives with the opportunity to run past the opponent for the third marker.

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 The soft teaching of Cackle is nice, but I prefer something a bit harsher (especially with experienced boardgamer).

I do 35ss turf war (or Leyline) 2 fixed scheme... Let them play the core box they like (especially if they already bough it). Play the game and answer their questions, than do a post game analysis with them.

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I start liking to use Start boxes for demo game recently. Good balance between inner synergy and complexity. But if a new player has a strong desire to play a specific master he likes and I know beforehand, I will make a crew with streamlined card to ensure a fair game with the Start box crew.

Something like this:



As for the Strat and Schemes, I tend to use customized version. Since the originals are designed for larger scale and hence require more Actions. Using those directly in demo game could result in both players using all their Actions for scheming and not fighting at all. My demo pool is:

Break the Line*:

  • Using only one 50mm Strategy Marker starting at the center point, pushing 2" instead of placing 2", and scoring VP if the marker is completely within the opponent's half. Reset Marker position every turn.
  • Encouraging players to go to center, rather than flanking and avoiding each others.
  • Teaching the importance of model positioning through engaging to stop Interact Action and stopping the Marker with meat shield.


  • No change from the original version.
  • It is the fighting scheme to encourage players to start fighting.

Spread Them Out*:

  • Require 2 Scheme Markers away from each others 6".
  • It is the scheming one to teach that the game is not only about killing.
  • Though it is still relatively harsh to accomplish with a 4 models crew without marker placing tech. I am looking for a replacement for this scheme.

All demo games uses Wedge deployment, start scoring from turn 1 and last for 3 turns.


So far it works quite well to introduce the basic idea of Malifaux to new players as well as helping them to extend to larger scale without trouble.

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Most of the people getting into the game locally have asked to start at 50 stones, so don't really have format advice on that front.


I do really want to put in a word for Symbols of Authority as the strategy to play though. I think some people shy away from it because it isn't easy to score, but it is extremely intuitive. You never need to remind someone or explain more than once how the Strategy works. "These markers on my table half? Go there, take an action, get a point." It's the logical learning strategy to me, it lets you spend time teaching the game while passively highlighting the value of moving and interacting. 

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Its been a little while since I've done a teaching game, but I find a lot of the time people are attracted to Masters, so I aim to play a game with Masters in. I then try and use multiples of the same minion where possible as it reduces the thought required. So for a quick and simple game 1 master and 3 minions a side will get across the ideas. 

I try and pick a strategy and schemes that don't just rely on killing, but will often tailor the game based on what the learner wants to play. 

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