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Calling Through the Breach Playtesters - We Need You!


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Fated! Fatemasters!

Do you enjoy playing Through the Breach?

Looking for more ways to foil your players’ plans?

Eager to get first looks at new projects and help shape future TTB releases?

 Like earning rewards for your help?

Well then, do we have an opportunity for you! We’re currently looking for players to help us test upcoming content for Through the Breach. Read the content, play the content, and give us comments on the super secret forums!

Playtesters who give good, detailed feedback will receive a digital copy of whatever piece of content they helped test (once it’s released, of course!). 

If that’s all piqued your interest, all you need to do is fill out this form.

Once you submit it, we’ll review your application and send out messages to those who get approved! If you don’t get in during this round of playtesting, worry not! We’ll be posting more calls as time goes on.

If you’re curious about some of the upcoming content, we’ve got:

  • A Neverborn-themed Penny Dreadful adventure

  • Tons of One Shots

  • Ten Thunders expansion book

That’s all for now, so fill out that form and get your applications in! We’re excited for what’s in store for Through the Breach, and we hope you are too!

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14 minutes ago, Eria'D angelo said:

I have already submitted an application form together with my players.Unfortunately, the answer never came. Kyle if I'm not mistaken, you said then that all the players above will be enrolled in TTB beta testers

Based on the last thread, you said you applied last October, which was several months after the call (May), and Kyle answered that they had just finished work on From  Nightmares but would be doing more in the near future. 

I don't know if they store applications, so it may be worth filling in an application again. 

But not all who apply are selected.

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