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Bundle of Holding 2021


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We are teaming up with our friends at Bundle of Holding again to provide a BUNCH of amazing digital Through the Breach content for super cheap, and it’s for a great cause! A portion of your purchase will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute.

Let’s take a look at the two Wyrd Breach bundles that are available this year:

The Starter Collection is just $17.95 and includes the Through the Breach 2.0 Core Rulebook and these FOUR Penny Dreadfuls:

  • Days Without Accident

  • Fire in the Sky

  • Obsidian Gate

  • Stitch in Time

You can also get the Bonus Collection of Through the Breach content by beating the threshold price of just 29.99. The Bonus Collection in the Wyrd Breach includes:

FIVE Through the Breach Expansions:

  • Above the Law

  • Into the Bayou

  • Into the Steam

  • Under Quarantine

  • From Nightmares

Additionally, you’ll also get your hands on 6 Penny Dreadful One Shots!

  • Bubbling Up From Below

  • The Iktomi Shuffle

  • Jurassic Faux

  • The Show Must Go On

  • Silurid Showdown

  • Uncontainable

All of this incredible Through the Breach content would normally cost over $264, but from now until Monday, December 6th, you can get everything listed for just $29.99.

Head over to the Bundle of Holding’s Wyrd Breach page to grab these expansions and adventures today!

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