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Outcasts (Mercenaries) Vs. Guild (Reporters) Batrep


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Deployment: Corner

Strategy: Break the Line


  • Hidden Martyrs
  • Vendetta
  • Outflank
  • Claim Jump
  • Spread Them Out



  • Vik x2
  • Vanessa
  • Taelor
  • Bishop
  • Big Jake
  • Ronin x 2
  • 7 stone cache


  • Nellie
  • Alison
  • Phiona
  • False Witness x3
  • Printing Press
  • Undercover Reporter
  • Field Reporter
  • 5 stone cache


  1. Not much action starting out, undercover reported started buried and just did bonus action while buried (also focused but I looked up in the rules and you cannot take actions while buried unless it specifically says you can so that was a mistake). I move a Ronin up each flank towards the corner for outflank. One was paired with Bishop, the other with Big Jake. Rest moved towards the middle (towards the strategy markers).
  2. More posturing and moving into position. The journalists start working on the strategy, interacting with a couple of things. Exclusive interview made it incredibly hard to work on the strategy, so I decide my best bet is to just start working on schemes and play a strong denial game (maybe not the best decision but whatever). The Ronin near bishop moves into the flank and I decide to interact and kill herself. My thinking was "I only have 2 minions, so if I kill them I can deny the undercover reporter from getting to a flank quickly". After that ronin activation he unburies the reporter near Jake. The other Ronin moves back to her original position (essentially a turn late) and big Jake moves and hits the undercover reporter once (due to disguised). I start laying into Phiona at middle to set up for Vendetta, but Taelor whiffs her attacks and I just end the turn with Phiona at 6/9 health. (Opponent's hand was stacked this turn). Score 0-1 (journalists get strat) 
  3. Journalists won the initiative and start w/ Nellie. Luckily I have 0 care if the Viks live or die and he focuses down one of the Viks and she eats it. Taelor goes and beats up Phiona, revealed vendetta. Other Vik eats some conditions (slow and distracted) so she moves down and interacts on one of the strategy markers (away from the journalists). Bishop holds that momentum and throws the strategy marker 2" further down the field (THIS IS IMPORTANT) , then double walks into outflank position. Big Jake interacts then moves into position for the other outflank (this is because the undercover reporter used deadly pursuit to retreat at EOT 2). false witnesses eventually nail Jake/Ronin (can't remember) with J'accuss, and hit the crow trigger causing me to discard a scheme marker in play (I hit the one near Big Jake). Ronin comes in the clutch to replace the marker. I reveal Outflank. Score 3-2 (me getting each scheme and 1 strat, opponent second strat).
  4. I lose initiative again but I'm determined to try to... complete what I can. I still have no clue what my opponent's schemes are at this point. They aren't positioning for outflank (playing towards the middle of the table), they aren't trying to break through my line for spread, and so I'm led to thinking they named Vendetta (and I killed Phiona before she could score) or hidden martyrs, or claim jump. I'm trying to run denial but I just have no clue what to deny. Vanessa wakes up and starts going crazy, battle tempo's to the centerline, she intuitions for the ram "I've got your back" on Taelor and focus + shoots Phiona (no friendly fire now) for 4BB (cheated in damage and killing her) and hitting Nellie, a false witness and Alison in the crossfire for 3. Pretty decent imo. Bishop activates after a false witness working near his flank and murders him. Big Jake throws two tomahawks at the undercover reporter for no gains. Ronin starts working towards a second strategy marker (covered by a false witness so thinking I have to just kill that thing first). Other Vik is just... derpin' around, essentially taken out of the game through stunned + distracted so can't really do anything. False witness uses bonus action to move 6, then walks twice and deadly pursuits to the middle. Opponent reveals claim jump. Score 3-4 (opponent scored 1 for claim, 1 for strategy).
  5. I secure activation control pretty early on. Lost initiative but Nellie spends her turn locking down the Vik and Taelor (both get stunned and slow) and makes Vanessa charge into melee range of Taelor and Nellie and has the trigger to hit Taelor for some damage. Vanessa activates, and just walks away from Nellie (due to her having no :melee: attack to keep me engaged). I spool up another juiced Leyline'd shot on Nellie (after pulling Taelor to safety) and get 4BB again. It hurts Alison and the False Witness (killing the witness) and I essentially secure last 2 activations (due to them going first and me killing a model before activating and have a pass token). Opponent tries a hail mary play with the undercover reporter (who I brought down to 1 wound via Taelor smacking him, unlucky flips) for Arson w/ the tome trigger (since I mis-activated, using Big Jake while my opponent still had activations). Luckily the trigger doesn't happen, top flank secured. Bishop gets engaged by the printing press to deny my scheme marker drop at the other flank, he activates, I name masks, and I move into base to base, punch him (praying not to see the black joker, luckily I didn't), cheat in the red joker to secure the success, and push the press 4" away, then third interaction was interact for the second flank. Field reporter throws the only strategy marker I interacted with, but it wasn't enough to get across the field (remember I said it was very important bishop tossed it as well?) Final score: 5-4. Incredibly close game.

Final remarks: 

  • Even though he's expensive and usually just relegated to scheme running, I've grown to really like bishop. every time (all two of them) I brought him I ended up scoring points with him, and that's worth any price. 
  • Incredibly impressed with Ronin's mobility. I thought they were mediocre at first glance, but I vastly underestimated how quick they are. Incredibly hard to tie down, and decent at fighting. 
  • Vanessa was a star this game. Was lukewarm on her last time I played, and essentially boils down to "Can I get to the centerline and start blasting". If she can, she's incredible. If she can't, incredibly mediocre.
  • Taelor I'm lukewarm on. On the one hand, I have the Miss Deed model, on the other idk if she's worth it. I thought the journalists had more manipulative then I actually saw, so maybe it was a wrong choice on my part. I thought I would make use of ruthless more. But stat 7 ignoring shielding actually came up a decent amount and she was able to vendetta Phiona (but I think that was luck more than anything).
  • Viks themselves are still a shock to use. I'm used to 2nd edition viks, who murder anything they look at. So This new version really messes with me. From what my opponents have told me, just the mere "presence" of the viks makes their math/planning a lot harder, so I think even if I don't think the model is insane it still messes with my opponents and that's good I think.
  • This was my second m3e game with the Mercenaries, so I'm still unsure if I used them to the best of their ability. I feel that the Viks lost a lot of lethality coming from m2e to m3e. Also still relatively new to GG2, but I enjoyed the scheme pool. The strategy was a struggle to achieve but that's because the Journalist crew runs such a great denial game with their Exclusive Interview ability.
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