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The Dreamer Insomniac Musings


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With the new Malifaux Burns book released, I decided to play my first title master, The Dreamer Insomniac. I lost, 3-5, but only about 30% of my problem was bad flips. I probably should've taken more models with the lucid dreams bonus action, and Lady Yume. In other words, time to do some more building, LOL. I'm still learning how to use the sleepless wonder, but it seems really powerful. with insomniac dreamer, you can build a bad to the bone control hand over the course of 2 turns, or 1 if you activate the dreamer last. plus you can take Lady Yume, instead of Chompy, because you can summon Chompy with a masks trigger on an attack action! combine that with some scheme running tactical abilities, and voila! you have a very well rounded master. The only drawback IMO is that Dreamer Insomniac doesn't deal much damage, so not exactly a power house when it comes to that. You'll have to try to keep your minions alive long enough to outscore your opponent. also, don't know if you'd want to have a SS pool bigger than about 4-6 with this crew. I know, big words for someone who has only played the crew once, LOL. So, am I way off? let me know, and as always happy gaming!

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He's really strong. 100% support master, but what support does he provides (the +flip on key duels is awesome)! He also has an insane mobility so he can help a lot at scheming.

I only played 3 games with him so far, so I'm still learning as well. 

I think you need at least 4 LD models, but 5 to 6 seems more reasonable (so you don't have to rely on Dreamer himself to get a new hand). You should always get 1 extra hand each turn imo. If you don't something is going wrong or your're lacking LD models.

10 minutes ago, JayMalifaux87 said:

you can take Lady Yume, instead of Chompy

I don't understand what you mean here. LCB is free... Being able to consume him with Lady Y and summon him back in position is a nice combo though.

But yes taking Yume is a great idea. She's quite good (be careful though, terrifying 12 is good, but she'll get murder in one activation against a real beater).

Beside Yume, I like serena and/or WW... Than it's all minions. Madness are amazing since there great mobility give you teleportation points for the little kid.

Daydream are still useful. Cheap LD is cheap LD and moving your models around is important (dreamer can do it too, but extra reposition effect are rarely dead). 

I didn't tried Alp yet. They can work with onoephobia, but they loose a lot of appeals if they're not summons.

Stitched are stitched. They're even better here since they game you an other way to manipulate your remove from the game piles. If you have WW, there's a case to hire dolls instead and upgrade them (LCB can kill them t1)...

Finally I think there's a full execute meme crew that can work(ish). Since you have the best card selection in the entire game (+ss), it's easy to get high crows late in the turn. In keyword you have 3 execute models, two o wich are hench (LCB, Lady Y and The Carver) and you could even hire Kade... you can put decent hand pressure on your opponent at the beginning of the turn, than swap your hand for a bunche of high crows and start executing key models and enjoy.

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My Dreamer2 game didn't go to well (probably because I was up against Orphelia1).  Most of my models got shot off the table really quickly. Inferiority Complex is no fun, especially for Lady Yume (Nightmare in general).

I did bury an Alp into one of my opponents already weakened models via (Onoephobia), but he just killed the model himself. Denying me the positioning advantage (I assumed my Alp had to unbury in my deployment zone now).

Another thing I was unsure about that came up: If you resummon an already activated Lord Chompy back into the round is it possible to activate him again, or is it treated as the same Lord chompy?

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8 hours ago, Saviouress said:


Another thing I was unsure about that came up: If you resummon an already activated Lord Chompy back into the round is it possible to activate him again, or is it treated as the same Lord chompy?

For the purpose of the game it is treated as a new Lord chompy for all reasons, so it can activate again. 

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Played my first game with insomniac and have to say that ist is way more fun than og dreamer. 


Insomniac (Neverborn)
Size: 50 - Pool: 3
  The Dreamer, Insomniac
  Lord Chompy Bits
  Teddy 2
  Widow Weaver
  Insidious Madness
  Insidious Madness 3
  Bear ly Together 3
  Bear ly Together 2


Ok Dreamer is support and hand control now instead of summon deck control. That suits him good. The keyword still is realy Good and works well. 
dreamer, weaver and madness do the scheming. Daydream provide speed and the Rest is tough to deal with… 


didnt need too many stones so 3ss went all right. And didnt need AP either. 

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Er played Break the line on a wedge deployment. 
schemes were: 

spread them out, bait n swich, leg them bleed, breakthrough and Research Mission. 
i took breakthrough and Research Mission. Easy peasy. 

played against bayou zipp and took breakthrough and Research Mission. 


teddy was my Last Choice of this List, just because i had 13 ss left and thought I could use some tankyness and muscle. He killed an Iron skeeter and an gator-that my Opponent slightiy overextended. But there could have Been better choices. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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