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Binh Nguyen stat card for Malifaux

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Hi Wyrd,

I was wondering if there is anywhere I can download Binh Nguyen's stat card for Malifaux from to use him as alt Datsu Ba? I have the model from kickstarter, not from the new release and I can't seem to find his card amongst the ones I can print myself. I do not know if wargame vault has the card, but I do not really want to pay import price and postage to Denmark for a single card.


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Probably not too helpful, but the first I heard about it being a proxy was this Gencon, and none of the new cards from this Gencon have made it to Dropbox yet. 

I don't know but I would expect that they are planning on uploading the new cards at the same time as the new alts/nightmare etc, and that will probbaly be the end of this month, after the book is released.  

Any Datsu ba stat card would be fine if you just want the rules, the art doesn't have to match. 

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2 hours ago, Mr Oogie Boogie said:

see this can be used in malifaux....  yet i suggest having the kings alliance in and  people lose their mind 

Samantha Thrace can also be used in Malifaux, they are used as counts as models.

Those two both have more crossover than the Kings Empire in Malifaux because Binh has direct links with Kirai and Thrace is a member of the guild. The KE have, currently, zero relevance through the breach.

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