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the Botanists suggestion.

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ok i would like to  put this to wyrd, i would like to see the botanists used by bayou, for a couple of reasons really

Reason 1 - there is a gremlin, and is one of the best gremlin models in my opinion but yet cant be used by the bayou

Reason 2, lore wise, if you think about it, the gremlins live in the bayou where there is a lot of flora and fauna, they would know a lot about poisonous plants, what plants are deadly, and carnivorous plants typically live in bogland and wetlands where the soil is of poor quality.   so it would also be lore friendly. 

thank you for your time 

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2 hours ago, Mr Oogie Boogie said:

not that wyrd probably read these forums lol 

They do read them. They might not always answer, but they do read them. You will even get the overall boss of the company posting at times.

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lol sorry im just used to 
GW  staff ignoring you lol. 


i just think as  there is a gremlin and carnivorous plants mostly live in swamps and wetlands and people that live in wetland areas tend to know a lot about plants herbs etc they live off the land the gremlins would know what plants are poisonous etc. so the botanists fit in with bayou.  i think botanists should be dual faction :)

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On 10/5/2021 at 11:20 AM, Adran said:

I know almost nothing about Olaf in the stories as he has only just become a character. Lenny is a much longer established character. 

I think they are roughly based on the same character, possibly with a slightly more circuitous route for Olaf, that of Lennie Small from "Of Mice and men". (In that I think Georgy and Olaf are based off characters that are based off the Lennie and George relationship such as Bran and Hodor, or Greed and Avarice and there are others that I can't think of the name of at the moment). 

My gut says that Lenny would win, although that might depend on if George is involved or not. Lenny isn't the smartest, but can function on his own, I don't know how much Olaf relies on Georgy for direction. 

Lenny seems the bigger Gremlin, and certainly in the game will take out Olaf faster than Olaf will take him out. 


2 hours ago, mattc said:

I can't speak for all of us, but I am illiterate.

thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion/rant

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From a lore point of view, gremlins might know what plants to eat, ferment and avoid, but that's not really enough to be a botanist.

And not every member of a race needs to be hirable to the faction, there are nephlim in outcasts and ten thunders, who can't easily be hired in neverborn for example. 

You're welcome to continue trying to convince, but I don't think you have much chance. 

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