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Rotten Harvest Fall Painting Competition


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I'm really looking forward to seeing what all you other people have come up with. I've been "attending" the competitions for a while, but I still get surprised... every... single... time!

Good luck🤞🤞


(I know it's still early across the Atlantic, but I can't help refreshing the page every now and then 😅 )

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Howdy Wyrdos!

The competition entries for Rotten Harvest 2021 have been sending shivers up my spine and it's been great to see all of them! 

An stealth change in our forum's software has caused some issues which will delay the polls opening. It also means that voters will only have one (1) vote per category (poll thread) instead of the previously stated three (3) votes per category. 

But, fear not as the Grand Poobah himself has given me some great news!

By commenting on each and every one of the lovely entries in the Rotten Harvest Gallery (once voting goes live), you'll be eligible to win a prize! One (1) lucky commenter will receive a $50 Wyrd Digital Gift Code, while another 5 will each receive $10 Digital Gift codes!

Thanks to all of our entrants, and thank you for your patience as we get the polls up and ready for voting.

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5 minutes ago, Hawkoon said:

Was that supposed to be reassuring? 

Ummm.... should I not have given him everyone's entries for safe keeping? I kid.. kinda. When thj galleries open up, everyone will see that Waldo has taken all the entries, but that's just in the name of anonymity. He hasn't figured out how to eat digital files... yet.

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