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Question Regarding Associating Suits to Skills


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Hi all! I've just started getting into this system and I am incredibly excited to try it out, as it appears to be unique and engaging! However, there is one small question that bothered me a little bit : how do you associate suits to skills? In other words, is there a way for example for a Fated to get an enchanting skill of 2:ram? I ask because on page 286 of the core rulebook it appears as though this is hinted at under the declaring triggers section, but I am unable to find a reference to how a Fated might go about getting a suit attached to a skill. Thanks in advance!

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Pursuits that add suits to skills
-Bureaucrat: The System Is Rigged-Treat Ram and mask cards as having both Rams and Masks
-Magewright: Transmutive Comprehension-add ram to enchanting skill

-Academic: Mental Conditioning- add a suit to a mental-based skill
-Dabbler: Arcane Musings-add Tome to your sorcery skill
--Graverobber: Morbid Thoughts- add crow to your necromancy skill
-Overseer: Supervision-discard a card to add the suit to final duel total of any friendly character that can see or hear her (including herself)

-Manifester: Sleepwalking-add mask to prestidigitation skill

-Copycat: Klaatu, Barada, N.... - complicated read it. Pg 99

Talents that add suits to skills
-Specialized Skill-add a suit to a skill when the talent is selected.

-Shifting Blood (Neverborn only)- add crow to enchanting skill
-Fortunate Familiarity-complicated. Read it. P. 129

-Channel Destiny-suffer 2 damage to add a suit to a duel

Refined Oxford Method Variant theory pg190-increase AP of a spell by 1 to add a single suit of choice to final duel total

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Feels like someone took my job =P

Anyway, lets add a few more to the list, starting with...

Core Rules

- Soulstones Augment Magic pg. 259

- The Oxford Method (original) pg. 253

- Powder Wars Training from the Freikorps Advanced Pursuit pg. 161

- Death Ascendant from the Grave Servant Advanced Pursuit pg. 163

- The Ten Weapons Of Wxu-Shu from the Torkage Advanced Pursuit pg.167

Above The Law

- Certain Death from the Executioner Advanced Pursuit pg. 129

Magic Seeker from the Mage Killer Advanced Pursuit pg. 135

Into The Bayou

Puppet Master from the Bokor Pursuit pg. 83

- The Biggest Hat from the Big Hat Advanced Pursuit pg. 117

Into The Steam

Set 'Em Up from the Collaborator Pursuit pg. 85

- Strike First from the Infiltrator Pursuit pg. 97

From Nightmares

- Quick Alteration from the Mimic Gifts Of Darkness pg. 69

- Hunting Malifaux from the Neverborn Hunter Advanced Pursuit pg. 107

- Deeper Connection General Talent pg. 131

- Aetheroot pg.154

...also, if a character starts the game as a Puppet using the Headliner Advanced Pursuit, there are a couple of Puppets that have Suits built into there starting Skills...

- Stitched Together Gambling (M) Core Rules pg. 370

- Wicked Doll Thrown Weapons (M) Core Rules pg. 372

...and lastly, the Red Cap Puppet (From Nightmares pg. 174) has the Bloody Cloth Talent, which I'd recommend pairing with Stoicism for full effect (Behemoth Pursuit, From Nightmares pg. 100) or anything else that can mitigate the Slow Condition.

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