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Question Regarding VTT


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Wyrd, any chance for an official TBB module line for foundry vtt or roll20 (preferably Foundy)? Vassal is decent for what it does, but it's not nearly as fluid or friendly as other services, and is the largest barrier for my group to pick it up, as much as we want to. Recently warhammer 4th edition and alien both came to foundry and its just been fantastic.

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This module handles decks pretty well for Foundry. You can make a main fate deck and different twist decks for each character, offers hand management and most of the basic functions you need.

What we really need are decent images of a fate deck to use without me having to scan all of one myself...

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For what it's worth, you can get by with the old official suits equivalencies:


Hearts are Rams :ram

Clubs are Tomes :tome

Spades are Crows :crow

Diamonds are Masks :mask

and the understanding that Aces are 1, Jacks are 11, Queens 12, and Kings 13.  As long as that deck tool they provide has two visually distinct jokers in its deck.

You'd be a hell of a lot better off editing the rams, tomes, crows and masks symbols onto public domain poker deck images than you would be scanning the fate decks without prior permission.


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Yeah, they have a deck with a black and red joker that comes with the module.

The decks in the vassal modules seem kind of small but they look fine in vassal so maybe I was just seeing the thumbnail files or something. The images in the example deck are about 500px wide. But to make your own decks all you need is images of the front of the cards (just big enough to look nice) and one for the back of the deck. You can just select whichever ones you want to make smaller twist decks.

If you're fancy you can give the cards an actual value in a yaml file but until there is a character sheet for that to be used with it doesn't accomplish anything.

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