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"Trick or Retreat' at Geek Retreat. London Holloway Sunday October 31st


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Hi All,

A 3 round event again at Geek Retreat London Holloway. 

A short walk from Archway and Upper Holloway stations. If you want to drive, let me know and I'll try and find free parking areas on a Sunday.

We have increased capacity but to secure the space, tickets this time will be £10 and still an ask to try to observe their fair usage policy on food and drinks as its their main source of revenue.


If alt masters amd new enforcers are in the app by this point I will accept suitable proxies. If they're not in the app though I won't. 


Rounds will be 2h15

Doors open 10am for registration.

Round 1 starts at 10.30am

Lunch at 12.45

Round 2 at 13.30

Round 3 at 15.45

Close and prizes at 18-18.30.

Probably a few beers in the pub afterwards too.

Please PayPal £10 as friends and family to rwalters.85@gmail.com


1. Lee Walstow

2. Andy Bradshaw

3. Tom Skitt

4. Luke Athiko 

5. Marcus Rose

6. Jade Baker

7. Andrew Fabian

8. Arran Jones

9. James Trevallion

10. Stef McGlen

11. Jonathan Pearmain

12. Rob Jones


Round 1

Deployment - Corner

Strat - Break The Line

Schemes - Vendetta, Assassinate  Breakthrough, Let them Bleed, Hidden Martyrs


Round 2

Deployment - Wedge

Strat - Turf War

Schemes - Claim Jump, Research Mission, Spread them Out, Outflank, Bait and Switch


Round 3

Deployment - Flank

Strat - Symbols of Authority

Schemes - Spread them Out  Catch and Release, Research Mission, Outflank, Detonate Charges






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