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Puppeteer 'A New Player' Talent Restrictions


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So I was reading though the Puppeteer Advanced Pursuit in From Nightmares (Page 115) and had a question about the 'A New Player' talent.

The talents specifies, "Puppeteers can create new Peon or Minion Doll subordinate characters with their Stitching Skill," and then goes on to explain how to create Peon, Minion, and Enforcer rank Dolls. The problem is that I don't see any talent that specifies that the Puppeteer can now create Enforcer rank dolls. The closest thing is 'Introducing…' Talent, but that is worded in a way that it sounds like you can only make Headliners out of existing subordinates (Headliners also aren't necessarily Enforcers). 

Am I missing something in one of the other talents or did they tell us how to make Enforcers without actually ever giving us the ability to do so? (i.e. would we need to Homebrew when a Puppeteer can create Enforcers?)

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Fatemasters can adjust a character's Rank Value for the purposes of difficulty, and the same principal was applied here. A Puppeteer can select any Doll with the Peon or Minion Rank; however, if they expend the time and energy, they can elect to upgrade that Doll's Rank Value to that of Enforcer (normally giving a maximum Rank Value of 8). This lets Puppeteers choose if they want to invest in lots of little puppets, or a few that are quite strong and allow the Fated character to hold their own against bigger threats.

Example: A Puppeteer can make a Wicked Doll (normally a Rank Value 5 Minion) into an Enforcer with a Rank Value of 8, as long as the prerequisites and costs are all met.

Hope this helps! 


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