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New to Vassal-need help


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I’m new to attempting to play Malifaux on Vassal. I have the program on my PC and have the Malifaux add-on already installed, although I may need to update it. When I get ready to sit down to play, I have no clue what to do. How does one set up strays and schemes? How does one go about hiring the crew? Any assistance one can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

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hi Ravencroft, you might get more of the answers here https://discord.gg/Hfh8yeY on vassal's dedicated discord server  

so essentially in terms of hiring crews, the m3e crew builder app is a great tool in both looking at cards and seeing what is in keyword, most games are 50 stones + the leader and totem who you get for free, although to begin with smaller games either henchmen hardcore (henchmen crews at 30 stone cost) or 35 stone master lead games can be good while your learning the ropes 

in terms of strats and schemes it depends a bit on if your playing a one off game or as part of an event such as the world series

if your in a one off game, the app can generate the pools for your randomly or you can build your own pools and share with your opponent

if your taking part in an event, generally the pools for each round will be predetermined 

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Agreed with dannydb.  Vassal is less a full tool for start / finish faux, and more of a way to do the 'models on the table' section of the game.  The other pieces (crew building / strats / schemes) are generally easier outside of the tool.

That said there's some things that will probably help you a bit that took a bit.

To find the crew models go to the objects > models tab and models should be organized by faction / station.

If you wanted to record your scheme / strat info in app for your choices go to Objects > Strats and schemes and there should be banner for each strat / scheme there (if you drag it onto the board noone other than you will see what you're choosing till you reveal it).

Similarly any scrap / corpses / etc you will need should also be in the objects page (that has most of what you need TBH outside of decks).

I tend to build my list + encounter in the app and just grab the models + track wounds / conditions in vassal, but it depends on you, you could always flip cards to determine scenarios and use the strat / scheme markers in the app to do more.

I'd also recommend taking a look at some of the vassal tutorial videos (there's one I used a while back, it's not long but it's not a difficult tool when you get down to it).  There's also more people doing batreps in vassal so you should be able to pick up tricks from there (like using auras instead of the measuring tapes).


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