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Calling All Through the Breach Playtesters!

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Attention Fatemasters and Fated!

Ever wanted to preview what’s coming next for Through the Breach? Does your gaming group run through scenarios faster than ‘shine through a Gremlin? Or maybe you just love getting free stuff?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll be excited to learn that…

The Playtesting

Wyrd Miniatures is currently accepting applications for new playtesters to get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at new Through the Breach content! But what does that entail? Our ideal playtester:

  • Is in it for the long haul. You’ll tackle One Shots, Penny Dreadfuls, expansions, augments, and everything else we’re creating for the Through the Breach roleplaying game.

  • Gets games on the table. Test the content out with your group, read it over, and give feedback based on your experiences. Can’t do a game in-person? No problem! Online sessions work great too (just remember to keep everything private and out of the public eye).

  • Catches mistakes. Help our content be the best it can be by identifying any inconsistencies or confusing areas.

Interested playtesters should fill out an application by clicking on this link, and visit the Wyrd Forums to participate in the great Through the Breach community we have there!

The Perks

Being a playtester has its incentives! You’ll see stuff before anyone else, and also get a free digital copy of any content you provide a report on, in addition to any other valuable feedback. You’ll also have the option of including your name under the playtester credits in any published work.

While we can’t spoil too much, we can confirm a few things we have in store:

  • A new Penny Dreadful that acts as an expansion to a classic fan favorite!

  • One Shots for days!

  • An expansion book just as awesome as From Nightmares!

Get those applications in! We’re looking forward to seeing you all Through the Breach!


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