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Champions that give tactics


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I’ve been doing some thinking about the champions that give tactics (Binh and Thrace). They’re both really good and at the moment I struggle build lists that don’t include them. They’re individually useful (perhaps Thrace more obviously) and they grant a powerful resource. 

Initially I thought I’d love something similar in each allegiance so I didn’t have to hire Binh. But with the syndicate envoys being as easy to hire as they are I’d probably take the in faction hire plus the syndicate champion. 

What do people think of these ideas?


- Add tactic granting champions to all allegiances. Reckon there could be some great fluff ideas for each too

- Change the +1/+2 to +0/+1. This means they aren’t automatic hires but still add value. It also prevents the arms race of hiring two champions 

- Alternatively make it a flat +1 for a champion and +2 for commanders (other than the exceptions)

- Another alternative is to make them +0/+1 when taken as an envoy and +1/+2 when taken in home allegiance. That keeps Binh and Thrace good in their home faction, still useful as envoy hires. But not auto takes. 

In the last two vassal events I’ve run, Binh and Thrace were taken in almost every list regardless of allegiance. Which  is fairly telling in itself. The players that didn’t take them were either newer to the game or were running a specific type of list. 

Any other ideas or thoughts? 

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I definitely agree that Binh and Thrace show up more often than I think they should, and with more of their Syndicates coming out soon that's only going to get harder to pass them up.  It sort of puts a bottleneck on future Syndicates, because unless they also have Champions that give Tactics Tokens (or something else very valuable) people are just going to go "oh, well I'd like to take it but I need those Tactics Tokens."

Plus for Cult and Hordes, since one of their Commanders is a Titan they each only have two in-faction models that can actually use the Champion-only assets which is a bit annoying.

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Yeah exactly, makes it harder to introduce new units either in those syndicates or in other factions. 

But I don’t want every new champion type unit to come in with tactics tokens just to make them worth it. As then everyone will be swimming in tactics tokens. 

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