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Alex Chesterfield

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If you target a friendly fated character with a spell like "heal" that has a wp resist, can the target voluntarily choose to fail to receive the healing or do they have to flip to resist?


Does the focused condition apply the positive flip to damage and attack, or just the attack?


Is the bleeding out condition, suffocating, or a coup de grace the only way to die? Since enforcers and above automatically pass unconsciousness challenges, do they keep fighting until they get the bleeding out condition or choose to run (or another critical effect knocks them out)? If that's the case, it possible for a Fated to continue fighting for a long time if someone has the mend critical magia?


Thanks for the help.

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1) A character can choose to allow an effect to succeed with flipping defense/WP

2) I think it applies to both

3) Number of wounds below zero are added to crit flips, so -13 or so and even minor crits should always rollover to take them out of the game.
I think it's generally down to the fatemaster to roleplay out the situation though - once you have some one on heavy negative wounds it's kinda time for the bad guy to accept defeat or start confessing their evil plan or whatever

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The Increased healing immuto is a little hard to understand. Mend flesh magia gives regeneration 1. The healing table for the immuto raises the 1 healing to 1/1/2.. if read as not in exess of 1 healing from the magia. 

But is that correct? or should two instances of the immuto be added to gain healing 2? 🤔 

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