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Deadman's Hand removed?

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I can still see crews made with DMH characters, but can't create new ones or search for the cards.

It would be really sad to see them go - there's no errata for them, so it costs nothing to keep them in the app. Let's just hope it's a bug and soon to be fixed!

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I saw the FB report but when I tested it I could see DMH on the cards page. It didn't say anything about crew creation.

Exact steps to replicate, device, and version are all very useful for troubleshooting. I'll look into it.

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Found the error. It doesn't initialize the DMH setting when starting the app to your previous selection.

After starting the app, if you go to settings and deselect and select, that fixed it temporarily for me. I can also create crews with the Masters.

I will submit a fix to the bug in 1.3.7.

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