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Malifaux World Series #9: Bad Things Happen


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Hello all! I'm pleased to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: Bad Things Happen

This is your last chance to qualify for the invitational in August! Register to Bad Things Happen here.

This event will run July 6th–Aug 2nd. Registration is open today and remain open until July 5th. This is a 4 round, 50ss, singles event. Your place in this event will apply towards qualification to the World Championship invitational that is tentatively scheduled to begin August 9th. 

I am GMT-7 based out of the US, but this event is open to anyone who wants to play. Player's pack with pools is attached.

World Series rankings will are hosted at https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us!

We are working on consolidating our information, but for now, we have these links:
Series Event Calendar
Player Contact List
Game and Match Data 
Series Rules FAQ - We are trying to keep rules disputes contestant across the series. If something comes up in game, check here first.

I will check this post as often as I can, but my preferred contact is via Discord: @Alcathous#5867


Bad Things Happen.pdf

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33 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

Haha, the one month I go Neverborn, you go Arcanists! Tis the month of jank.

Yes... but for me it's because I'm not good enough to be near the top 16th... for you it's because you're already qualified. I guess I won on style points 😋

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