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We've got ourselves a Bayou Bash!


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Well Butter My Buns and call me a Biscuit!

We got ourselves a Bayou Bash!

As gremlins climb on rocks and wade in puddles to catch a glimpse of the big race, their favorite racers gear up at the starting line. Time to find out who’s the fastest, and more importantly, who’s the fan favorite!

Bayou Bash is a chaotic racing game for 2-4 players filled with rambunctious racers who will do anything to win over the most fans before crossing the finish line. Each player takes control of a racer with unique abilities, and must battle for victory across the customizable track while gaining fans along the way. In Bayou Bash, it’s not about who crosses the finish line first, but who pulls off the craziest tricks during the race!


bayoubash.board (1).jpg

Bayou Bash will be available in August for only $55.00

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24 minutes ago, Mr Oogie Boogie said:

is this game suitable for use in pubs? 

The only issue I can think of might be table space.  I used to have a board gaming group that met in pubs and we could certainly have played it, but we booked a quiet table that was out of the way on a non crowded night. 

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